Innolab is a high tech company founded by people passionate about science and
technology. With more than 30 years of experience in plasma processing, and having
pioneered surface modification of polymers in 1980, they continue to develop novel
hardware, and innovative processes for demanding applications.

The staff at Innolab has developed a range of tools used in the semiconductor industry
for resist stripping, etching and deposition. Recently they conceived advanced
solutions for the treatment of materials at atmospheric pressure.

Plasma technology today is useful for a broad range of fields and has penetrated new
markets including biotechnology and medical applications. These industries are often
not familiar with plasma technology and yet cannot use other previously existing
solutions to solve their challenges. This is where Innolab find its spot.  

Innovation is what we do the best. It comes from our past. It is in our mind, and in our
hands. Now, we put innovation at work, for you.

Submit your needs, and we will develop solutions.
Innovation at work
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