AcXys Technologies
                                           Atmospheric linear plasma sources
Nitrogen feed, 60 mm up to 500 mm long!
AcXys proprietary technology stands on a high frequency electrical discharge between 2
electrodes arranged in a slotted coaxial assembly. This plasma source belongs to the
wide family of Dielectric Barrier Discharges. The average temperature of the plasma is
low, typically less than 150 °C while electrons are quite hot. Physicists talk of
atmospheric non-equilibrium discharges, often said cold plasma to differentiate such
plasmas from flames or electrical arcs.

The discharge is sustained by nitrogen producing a long pink plasma curtain. A
molecular gas (Oxygen, for example) is added in small quantities to the carrier gas. It
decomposes in the plasma and makes a stream of different unstable species. One of
particular interest is the very reactive atomic oxygen.

Choosing the reactive gas is obviously essential. Our Process Engineers can assist you
to tune the process to your requirements.

Each plug-and-play system has a control box featuring the high-frequency generator, the
gas panel and the process control display screen. The plasma applicator is connected to
the control box.

The length of the plasma applicator is chosen according to the process. For example,
the versatile
UL-60 plasma system makes a 60 mm wide plasma curtain.
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